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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Zyppah really work?

Until a few years ago, Zyppah was considered a market leading product. However, recent innovations in techonoloy were developed across the family of mouthpiece devices, which Zyppah still failed to implement.
These innovations evolve around elasticity and endurance of the mouthpieces' material, ability to fit all sizes, and overall efficiency across large number of customers. We would recommend comparing Zyppah vs. Zquiet vs. GMSS and getting a better product in terms of overall efficiency and value for money.

Does ZQuiet really work?

ZQuiet is considered as one of the best stop-snoring devices worldwide. It has been carefully reviewed by snoring and sleep experts and can be found as one of the most recommended solutions in the market.
We've done an extensive research ourselves and found it to have the best prevention-rate within a large focus group of more than 200 people who used to snore. We recommend to reading our ZQuiet review, or seeing the Snoring mouthpiece comparison to determine if it's the best stop snoring solution for you.

Which anti snoring device is best?

There is not one device that is best for everyone. Like everything in life, different solutions are perfect for different people. In general, however, after analyzing and researching dozens of products, we've found that ZQuiet and SleepTight Mouthpiece cover the widest range of snoring issues for most people. We recommend to look at our snoring devices reviews and chat with our advisor for free to get your own personal recommendation on what is best for you.

What is Snorerx?

SnoreRX is an anti-snoring device which belongs to the Mouth Piece category. While gaining success a few years ago, it is recently been considered a less effective device, comparing to ZQuiet, SleepTight Mouthiece and others.
SnoreRX usually generates quick results and is not an expensive product. However, it usually wears out quickly and deforms in such a way that its effciency loses its edge, especially when comparing to other market-leading devices. See our product review page or chat with our advisor to see which product is best for you.


How much does ZQuiet actually cost?

Zquiet's retail price is $79.95. You can always find the best Zquiet Promo Code in our Zquiet Review. Another popular option is Zquiet's risk-free 30-day trial - you pay only $18.92 for shipping and handling, and the rest is only deducted after 30 days if you are happy and did not return your product. You can also save money by ordering two Zquiet mouthpiece sets (4 total) for $119.90. You can also find discounts in Snoring Advisor Deals.

How much do snoring devices cost?

Over the counter products to prevent snoring products typically start at $25 for low-quality mouthpieces (made in China), and can reach $150 for premium mouthpieces which are safer, more durable, and effective. Beyond that, custom-fit mouthpieces made by dentists will cost $500-$1000, and CPAP machines will go from $800-$4000.
Recent advancements in the technology of OTC mouthpieces have made them more efficient and affordable, so our recommendation is to choose an affordable high-quality mouthpiece to stop your snoring, and only opt for a pricier solution in case the mouthpiece does not work.

Is the Good morning snore solution worth the money?

The GMSS is a premium stop snoring mouthpiece with unique technology that makes it small, durable and super-effective. While it does cost slightly more than products like Zquiet, it really is an amazing product that has relieved so many people from the struggles of snoring. You can also get find a Good Morning Snore Solution Discount Coupon in our review - making it even more affordable.

General Snoring

Do anti-snoring mouthpieces actually work?

Generally, yes they do. Mouthpieces are relatively comfortable and have a way to adjust your breathing and airway, in a way that eliminates any snoring issue a person may have. Only in specific instances, where the snoring is based on more serious health issues, weight, age or any other nasal conditions, one may need a different solution.
Also, some people are sensitive to having devices attached to their nose or mouth, and may choose non-intrusive devices (like Smart Nora for example). You can read our snoring mouthpieces reviews and choose which one is best for you, or chat with advisor for free.

How can I stop snoring

Most people who snore will need to use some type of device in order to fully eliminate their snoring. There are, however, a few things you can do to help improve your snoring condition with or without using a device:
  • Loose weight and consume healtheir foods.
  • Work out regularly.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Reduce your alcohol consumption to a minimum.
  • Try changing your sleeping position.
You're also welcome to see our reviews on the top anti-snoring devices and make sure you find the one that's best for you.

What causes snoring?

Snoring is a situation where the soft palate (the soft part of the roof of the mouth) is vibrating, during which the lungs inhale oxygen through airways that are somewhat partially blocked (obstructed). Usually, this happens when the muscles that are supposed to keep the airways open become too relaxed or excess tissue accumulates nearby and obstructs air flow.
Overweight, excessive alchohol consumption, a non-healthy lifestyle can all cause snoring. Some people also have their nasal structure built in a way that snoring is inevitable, and can only be solved by using a device of some kind, usually an anti-snoring mouthpiece.

Is snoring curable?

There is no cure per-se for snoring, but it can and should be controlled and prevented. For most people, using an anti-snoring mouthpiece is sufficient to stop the problem. Others may choose to use a non-intrusive device, and in extreme cases, there might be a necessity to operate surgically. Obtaining a healthy lifestyle should always be considered and prioritized whether one uses a device or not.

Do stop snoring pillows work?

Snoring pillows normally solve snoring for people with light snoring issues, which only require mild adjustments to their sleeping positions. Keep in mind that if you're a back-sleeper, it definitely won't be able to help you, but only if you're a side or stomach sleeper. Most people would require an anti-snoring device, as it's the only true way to make sure you make airway for your breathing, which is necessary to keep snoring away.

Do nose strips work to stop snoring?

Nasal strips are made of flexible, elastic bands that sit above the nostrils. When the bands move in direction to straighten back to their original shape, they make airway by lifting the sides of the nose together with them. Nasal Strips may assist people who either have very light snoring, although for most people they are not too comfortable.
Their endurance may last a few months and requires constant renewal. For better enduring solutions that do not fit inside your nose, we suggest checking out mouthpiece devices that usually work much better.

Do chin straps help to solve snoring?

Chin Straps are considered the first-generation of anti-snoring devices. Their effectiveness is limited and certainly do not work for most people, as they do not guarantee making airway for your breathing 100%. They do fit, however, people who wish not to wear anything around their nose or inside their mouth (like mouth pieces). They are also relatively cheap, but wear out within a few months to one year. To have better confidence in a product's ability to solve any snoring issues, we recommend comparing between mouth piece devices.

Do I need a doctor's prescription for a snoring mouthpiece?

No, stop snoring mouthpieces can be purchased without prescription online. The snoring aids featured on this site are all FDA cleared, with detailed usage explanations. With the ease of online purchase, and the money back guarantee provided - you really just need to choose the right mouthpiece for you.

How long do snoring devices last?

The durability of an anti-snoring device depends largely on the type of device, its manufacturer, the technology and material used, etc. Most of the snoring aids are work for a year approximately. However, there are devices that last up to three years as well. After hitting that mark, the device begins to lose firmness and tends to become hard to clean properly. Generally, it is recommended that a snoring aid be replaced every 12 months.
Factors like the frequency of usage also contribute to the longevity of its life. Some individuals are prone to clench their jaws or grind teeth while sleeping. So, if you are one of those individuals, chances are your snoring aid will wear down sooner.